How to use video in the classroom

With the inroads of new technologies in our daily lives as well as the education sector, it is time to make the best use of the resources available. With most of the educational sectors boasting of modern infrastructure and updated technologies in imparting education, why not make use of the visual medium to its fullest capacity. By visual medium obviously we are emphasizing on video which is the ideal audio – visual means of communicating ideas, thoughts, and information. But then one cannot expect videos to impart the whole knowledge, they can be used as a supplement to the actual study material in order to enhance its credibility and value.

Watch this video to know how video is changing the face of education

Videos should not be used to fill in a vacuum in the teaching process but should be used as a valuable asset in order to make the learning process easy, fun and interesting. When using video the following factors should be kept in mind:

Preview each program first: before using the visual clips go through the video to ensure that the matter is of interest. Go ahead and select those portions that are applicable to the study matter and will help to enhance the learning process. The videos used should be such that reinforce a previously learned concept, or evoke new ideas, or helps in learning something new and in the process of doing so raise the interest level of the students and make them take part in the discussion.

Provide a focus/reason for viewing: Choose such a video that the students will take interest in watching. This will develop attention span and encourage sharing and exchanging of ideas.

Segment the video: When using instructional videos try to show the video in small clipping over a period of days. Too much of information gets a little difficult for the students to digest and they get bored easily.

Conduct pre- and post-viewing activities: Try to incorporate pre-viewing and post-viewing activities when using videos to impart education that way many doubts get cleared easily. Pre-viewing activities can include a revision of the previous lesson before the video starts and can be followed with the application of the ideas and skills learned.

Manipulate the features of the medium to enhance the lesson: While showing videos make use of the pause, rewind, fast forward button to utilise the video clipping to its highest benefit. Use the pause button to make certain points and explain the relevant idea, use the rewind button to go back and stop at the place where the student needs better explanation and use the forward button to proceed to that part of the video which are relevant to the topic.

Use the Remote Control: The remote control gives the teacher control over the video and uses the video according to the topic so that the presentation is flexible as well as viable.

Don’t forget Frame Advance: Frame advance is the best feature of any video. The teacher can use it according to their convenience so that the entire presentation is easily understood without much difficulty.


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