Travelling To Learn and Earn!

If you are planning to leave your job and start looking for another one, then there is nothing more lucrative than the Travel Industry. According to a survey conducted by the U.S. Travel Association those who start their career by working in the travel and travel-guide-image-scattertrips.comtourism industry have better prospects in the future. These people not only have greater access to higher educational opportunities, they tend to make greater career headway and enjoy better remuneration along with added benefits and packages.  Statistics also show that in spite of national unemployment rate remaining stagnant travel industry recorded 16% faster employment compared to other sectors by March 2010.

Roger Dow, president and CEO of U.S. Travel, is of the opinion that “Workers whose first job is in the travel industry progress further in their careers than individuals who get their start in other industries, and travel industry work experience helps Americans earn higher wages and attain an education,” he said. “Travel jobs provide important, transferable skills that are indispensable to career success, and careers in travel deliver financial security with the majority of travel industry workers earning a middle-class income or higher.”

U.S. Travel’s new report states that one third of 6.5 million Americans who opt for part time work in order to continue their education are in the travel industry. The report also states that 33% have already earned a bachelor’s degree and 2 out of 5 of them earns more than $100,000 annually.

According to the U.S. Travel Association tourism jobs cannot be outsourced as a result these jobs are contributing to the country’s economy. As a result more than half of the travel believes these jobs, which cannot be outsourced, are contributing to the growth of the American middle class, as more than half of all travel industry employees earn a middle-class salary or highetravel_tourism_course_image_courtsey_scattertrips.comr.

“In recent years, the travel industry has quietly emerged as one of America’s leading drivers of growth and job creation,” said David Huether, senior vice president for research and economics at U.S. Travel. “Every dollar spent on travel has a ripple effect benefiting other sectors of the economy. In fact, the travel industry injects $1.9 trillion into the U.S. economy and supports 14.4 million jobs” he added.

President Obama realized the role played by this industry and took adequate measures to put travel and tourismon the agenda as a potential economy booster in 2009 and went ahead with the Travel Promotion Act into law in March 2010. The travel industry got a further boost when the US Secretary of Commerce appointed a 11 member board of directors to create the project called “Brand USA” so as to promote the “Discover America” campaign. Within a few months “Brand America’s” ads were aired and by the 3rd quarter of 2012 it garnered 8% profit, second to Hong Kong in terms of growth. And this trend continues than very soon this industry will create another 100,000 American jobs.


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