Why should Nigeria intend on reforming education system?

Education is the basic need of any human being if one wishes to make a stand in life. Any country one goes to it will be found that education is compulsory and therefore from young age children are engaged in leaning and it starts from learning at school till one drops out of college being an adult.

There are few countries that are still not privileged enough to have a proper education system and because of this reason students are going abroad especially, in US or UK for their higher educationAfrican Students Attaining Top MBA From UK and USATherefore, the government of these countries must take necessary steps to improve the learning systems. One such country that requires a reformation in higher education system is Nigeria. It has been estimated majority of the countries in Africa are lagging far behind other countries when it comes to academics.


One must keep in mind the education system can only be improved if the government of that country functions properly but Nigeria is always under so much threat and pressure that it lacks a proper governing body. This is therefore leading to the bad impact in the educational system in Nigeria.

The education system here is very much poor and definitely requires to undergo a change so that people can benefit from the education and have a standard life and career in future. The country needs to make a plan and chalk out all necessary steps that would improve the educational status of the country.

The nation must work hard on removing all sorts of negative impacts that is disrupting the decorum of the society. All the threats that prevail in the society due to terrorist attack, ethno-religious issues and economy must be ceased then only something fruitful can be achieved. Its high time that Nigeria should take a stand and develop a better education system.


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