Online Education And Its Globalisation

There is a growing demand of globalising online education because of its effective style of providing quality education as well as the applicable insights. The universities provide their online educational courses which will be strengthened more if they build their external hubs.

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There are a lot of advantages of the online education. Advantages like customised learning, healthy interaction between teachers and students, innovative and effective learning style and many more are common features to it. But the quality of online education does get affected in its decreasing evaluation if it lacks the international communication creating a separation.

External hubs

The concept of external hubs appears as a solution. These hubs provide a more influential appearance of a classroom. Added to that, these hubs also provide a better communicational approach. It does not even require any heavy constructional process as they can be constructed anywhere such as in a restaurant, or a cafe or in a lecture hall etc.

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The physical presence

A hub not only provides the apt educational atmosphere, but also creates a physical appearance of the concerned educational institutions. This results in the betterment o studies through effective collaboration and a healthy communication.

Proper communication to the international students

Online education can be better applied if the matter of communication becomes healthy and effective. It will not only encourage the students but will also enable them to face the competition in the international market. In a word the students will have a clearer idea of the global market system.

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Increasing accessibility

Another function of these hubs is that they are extending the accessibility of the concerned organisation. Hubs can assist students in reaching their universities or other educational organisations easily when they want.

Everywhere online education

The availability of online education can effectively be increased if the construction of these external hubs be expanded. In this way, the students can follow education anytime and anywhere.

Hubs not only cost-effectively provide online education but also aim towards the innovative approach of the online education. The atmosphere of the hubs as well as their approachability helps in assuring online education to be established firmly.

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An influential element

Online education is a trait of the combination of education with the modern technology. It not only produces quality education but also provides a technical side of it by which the learners become able to perform what they have actually learnt. The chief aims of education are well accomplished in the online education. But added to it, it cannot reach its ultimate goal if it lacks a healthy communication.

This is the age of globalisation, and education, as one of the most initial, important and integral requirements of the human society, needs to be properly globalised. Online education has made the purpose into a successful reality. Education has met globalisation with online education acting as a bridge between them.

External hubs can provide more to this aspect. It can represent the physical appearance of the organisations as well as strengthening the base of online education more and more.

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Future Education: Technology-Enhanced Education

The combination of each and every aspect of the society with technology produces innovation that is leading the world to a better and effective future. Education has changed to a great extent with the entrance of technology affecting various areas of it and elevating it to a standard which is both valuable and interesting. The intensity of such impact of technology on education is only the first instance of the former’s start to influence the latter. When the wave of technology will be thrashing on the shore of education then we can only expect a superb revolution. This revolution is inevitable and, in the future, it will become one of the most dominant aspects for the world to follow.

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Let us have a look on how technology will be affecting the future education:

  • Personalisation

It is for sure that the digital form of education provides better access to personalised content. Students can be able to search for what they need specifically. With the help of this they will be able to develop their concerned areas of development.

Student’s own individuality and respect are also a chief factor for their overall development. Traditional form of education does fulfill this need of the students which personalised form of education can provide more. So, personalised form of education strengthens the fact of the efficiency in education.

Joe Williams, executive director of Democrats for Education Reform, says “I’m not talking about having computers in classrooms, but rather a lack of any seismic shift in the way things are done because technology is making the work easier or more efficient.”

  • Effective student interaction

Students can have a better and flexible social access with the help of technology. They can interact with other personalities. This will provide them an interesting scope to reach the outside of the classroom which will help them towards getting better education.

Hadley Ferguson, executive director of the Edcamp Foundation, agrees: Kids can “reach out beyond the walls of their classrooms to interact with other students, other teachers, and renowned authors, scientists, and experts to enhance their learning,”

  • Teachers will always be the monarch

The teachers will always remain at the topmost position of education although the powerful intensity of technology. It is to be kept in mind that education should be influenced by technology and not controlled by it. We should not concentrate on technological features in education. Rather we should concentrate on education itself. The teachers will remain the controller of both education and technology affecting education. Teachers will be responsible for blending education and technology in such a way that the value of education and the imposition of technology only aimed towards education’s fulfillment remain constant.

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Jake Schwartz, CEO and co-founder of General Assembly, says “‘Online’ is not a cure-all for education issues in this country, but it can help provide greater access to new skills training,” he says. “This is powerful when combined with curricula and programming created and led by practitioner educators. The human factor is always important.”

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Shannon May, co-founder of Bridge International Academies comments “Today, diplomas granted by years in school are the dominant certification of ‘learning.’ Yet, in almost all cases, these diplomas certify nothing other than the fact that the person in question spent x years in school. Competency-based certifications testing specific skills, and bundling individual skills into professional groupings will become a global currency for both employers and job seekers.”

  • Difference from the traditional form of learning

The traditional form of learning follows the rote learning that actually focuses on the students years spent in the school or colleges but the digital form of learning stresses on the performance of the student. So, digital form of learning completely aims towards the effectiveness of education.

It is also another interesting fact that the education in its technical form enables students to identify the specific needs of their professional career. On the other hand, it also provides a scope to the employers to employ a person having relevant knowledge about the service that he/she will be doing. Both the employers and the employees are benefitted by digital education.

  • Let’s adapt innovative education

As stated earlier that the educational technology not only helps education to be effective but also helps it to be innovative which widens both the creative mind of the learner and his/her probabilities for improvement in the future.

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It will not only bring a different mode in education but also will help the students to tackle with the problems arising from their own needs. So the fact of the immediate adaptation of the technical form of education becomes very essential.

Kirsten Saenz Tobey, co-founder of Revolution Foods, says “We’re not quite stacking up to where the rest of the world is. [The U.S.] is feeling the pressure to be the world leader we think we are . . . particularly in math and science.”

Modern education is required for the modern age

If we want to make education reach such a state where it will provide students newer and better possibilities from the traditional mode of education then we should start thinking to incorporate the digital form of education to claim a future with brighter possibilities and notions. Our sincere effort is required to the utmost intensity in order to bring it as it will turn out to be one of our most important requirements in the future.

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UK Students Willing For Free Online Higher Education?

A growing society requires increasing education. Education not only guides the society towards a brighter future but also enriches it to a certain status which keeps its continuity with the natural flow of education if it is uninterrupted. So, it becomes a point of sincere integrity of the present generation to be properly educated.

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But education is not available for free in this society. You need to pay a handsome amount to be well educated. In the UK, the students are facing a lot of problems from the educational sector because of the level of cost which does not remain affordable to many among them. Increased tuition fees and maintenance grants being scrapped have been the reason of their present worrying.

How to get cost-effective education?

With the present scenario being framed like this the students either have to deposit a good amount of money or have to look for alternative ways like going abroad or taking another different mode of studying.

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Study online: Spend less

The technological implements in education, however has paved the way for a direct solution for the students looking to get quality education similar to the standard of the traditional mode of education. The solution is the online education: A technical mode of education aimed at the enrichment of education itself through the digital sphere.

Sir Collin Lucas said, “I think it’s a great means of liberation for people who don’t have any means of getting on from where they are.”

The surprising matter is this that the online education also offers quality education at a low cost. So finding out an affordable degree programme from UK university can be possible with the online education.

Is online learning effective?

People who support the traditional mode of education tend to look upon the online mode of education as an alternative path that is not up to the mark like the traditional one. They also consider that students following the online education are unable to get traditional education for any difficulties or for the lack of other requirements demanded by the traditional educational institutions.

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This concept is not correct. The online education is able to provide apt education of the traditional standards although being in a different form.

The UoPeople (University of the People), a non-profit sector and the MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are the institutions where online education meets effectiveness.

Why online education?

A survey, ‘Research For The Student Room’, conducted throws light on the student debts and living costs of them that, according to the survey, has been doubled. Added to that the students’ hope of getting cost-effective education is also lessened by the maintenance grants which is being scrapped.

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So, it is likely that many of the students will be following the online education because they ultimately require quality education not the ‘technical form’ of it. However, tracking an affordable degree from UK university is not an uneasy thing anymore.

What the students need

The entry level fees structure generally remains affordable to most of the students. They may need to have internet connection as the medium of such an education is the internet.

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Affordable studying with free online education

The high expenditure may lead the students to take the online studying as an alternative way but this fact should be realised by them that this alternative way does not exclude the proper meaning and aim of studying. Rather it enriches education more and more as the generation proceeds. Education remains constant and only the form of it changes in an innovative way.

An affordable degree from UK university is at the doorstep! This opportunity, if followed, will prove its worth to them when it will constantly guide them towards success.

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Online Education: Poised To Take Off

It becomes prominent that the mode of online education, supposedly, could be accepted as one of the legitimate paths of getting higher education. It will assist the students who are interested to get proper quality higher education through the virtual medium.

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The campaign of Clinton

The campaign of Hillary Clinton, the former United States Secretary of State, targets towards providing facilities to the students through the online media in less cost with allowing access to digital initiatives.

Sebastian Thrun, the founder of online education provider Udacity, also consulted on the plan.

Unbeatable online education

Although Clinton is opposed by Senator Marco Rubio, it is clear that the ongoing continuity of online education has not only contained its journey but also started to spread in the field of education. It is because of the increasing demand of it among the learners in spite of the presence of the dominant form of traditional education.

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The educators’ education

The educators’ education is very vital regarding this matter. There is a point which is needed to speculate at first. It is that the educator’s are considering the online initiatives as a new way of experiment. The opinion is made by them being impartially a part of the online education though as some of them provide online lectures or classes.

The dominant form

The presence of the dominant form of education, which is, the traditional form of education, remains still strong in its own field with dignity and support of the learners as well as famous companies. Obviously a degree from a recognised university counts more than an online degree. It has a more importance when a candidate goes to get a job in a company.

Education with less cost

Apart from the heavy presence of traditional education, online education has been successful in providing various privileges to the learners. It is the access to good quality higher education with less cost. Students willing to pursue education spending less money can take it up as their way of getting education.

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Competency matters in online education

It is an interesting fact as well as other advantageous factors of the online mode of education. Here the learner is judged and evaluated completely according to his performance. It enables the candidate to have a better placement and again to have a strong professional career. Competency even counts more than time in online learning.

Brighter future: Innovative learning

Online learning may be junior to the dominant form of education which is the traditional mode of learning. Despite these facts, the online mode of learning has already introduced such an innovative way that the point of interest among the students has started to shift towards online learning. The advent of technology and the requirement of innovation for getting a brighter future may help in establishing the form of online learning as a dominant and influential factor in the field of education just like the traditional form of learning.

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Private Educated Graduates Get Top Jobs & More Pay, Says New Study

A new study found that students who graduated from private schools earn around £4,500 more an average than their counterparts who studied in state schools, after only 3 years in to their careers. The reports discovered that just 6 months after being employed in a high profile job role, employees who graduated from private institutes tend to earn £1,300 more on average than state schools graduate employees in same job roles, with an yearly income of £24,066 as compared to £22,735.

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Rising pay gap

At the three and a half year mark, the income gap for employees from both sides tend to rise to £4,450. An average employee with private education usually earns about £36,036 at this stage, which is 14 per cent higher than his/her state school educated peer, who would earn approximately £31,586.

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The findings and figures were released recently in a new study conducted by the Sutton Trust, an educational charity in the UK aiming to better social mobility, and upReach, an establishment helping graduates from underprivileged backgrounds to get best jobs. The report claims that private school education usually has a direct and instant effect on an employees’ salary progression. Most of the jobs which are influenced by this are the ones in the national statistics socio-economic category, such as scientists, engineers, higher education teachers, psychologists, pharmacists, solicitors, economists, accountants etc.

Do graduates from state schools get good jobs?

The new report validates what previous studies have found that graduate students from state schools and less privileged backgrounds have lower probability to start high-status and elite careers, like financial services & law, even though they perform equally, if not better, at university. The latest study claims that the prejudice continues in the salary packages, even after they are able to land top jobs.

Sir Peter Lampl, chairman of the Sutton Trust & the Education Endowment Foundation, said “We know that graduates from less privileged backgrounds are under-represented in the top professions, but today’s research shows that they face a disadvantage when it comes to pay progression, too. This new research shows us how vital it is that firms do more to improve social mobility through their recruitment practices. Enabling greater access to a wider pool of diverse talent will deliver real benefits for employers and employees alike.”

Value of non-academic skills

The research states that half of the salary difference may be rationalised by variables like the type of institution the graduates attended for higher education or prior educational accomplishments. However, there are various other factors that need to be taken into consideration. The report noted “A plausible explanation is that non-academic skills such as articulacy or assertiveness could play an important role in accessing high-status jobs and career progression once in employment.”

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The study was done based on data available from NIESR (National Institute for Economic and Social Research) on the continuous influence of social background on graduate pay and career development.

Henry Morris, founder of upReach, commented: “Today’s research tells us that Britain’s social mobility challenge does not end on a graduate’s first day of work. Despite doing as well academically, the pay of graduates from more privileged backgrounds rises more quickly than their peers. By working in partnership with organisations like upReach, employers can seize the social mobility opportunity for their own, and society’s, benefit.”

What do you think about the report? Share your views and opinions with us by commenting in the box below.

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Why You Must Align Your Organisation Culture With Business Strategy

Is strategic management important? I have heard a lot of new business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs ask this question. And the answer is a firm yes! If you want to make sure your business grows in future and accomplishes certain goals, then strategic management is essential for your organisation. Let’s take a look….

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Strategic management helps you to establish the mission and vision of your business and drives you towards growth. Not only it allows you to set goals and analyse resource, you will also be able to implement effective corporate governance with a proper strategic management process. A new report published by Tata Strategic Management Group revealed that companies with an efficient strategy-culture arrangement have much stronger prospects of profitability as compared to others.

Need for strategic alignment

The Strategy-Culture Alignment study report, which was conducted in different sectors found that business strategy aligned with organisation culture greatly impacts the organisation’s profitability. The study covered around 96 organisations and utilsed the Organisational Culture Assessment Instrument (OCAI) to analyse different organisational strategy and culture trends. The report stated “Companies with strong strategy culture alignment reported 5 per cent more profitability than companies with low strategy culture alignment.”

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According to the study, more than 50 per cent of the Indian companies with turnover above Rs 500 crore reported that their current culture was not what they anticipated as business leaders.

Raju Bhinge, Chief Executive Officer, Tata Strategic Management Group said “For organisations to effectively execute their business strategy, the organisational culture has to be well aligned with the strategy. Quite often, businesses underperform not because of poorly crafted strategies, but because of inadequate alignment of culture with strategy.”

Empowering your business

Today, numerous corporations have understood the real value of strategic management and how it can help them in business development. Building the right business strategy will help you recognise the existing condition of your firm, in which direction your business should move and how you can lead your team towards the desired level of success. It is only by following strong strategic management practices you can expand and develop your organisation. Hence, it is essential that as business leader you need to develop the right management and leadership skills to guide your team and your business forward.

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Get the right skills

However, it is usually not feasible for professionals and business leaders to pursue a traditional management course. If you also find it difficult to study a full time course, then I would advice you to study an online diploma in strategic management .

The fact is online courses are highly flexible and affordable that allows professional to study what they want, how they want and when they want. Hence, you can easily focus on boosting your business while acquiring crucial strategic planning and management skills. Online strategic management diploma programmes offer you quality education and an effective learning experience that will better prepare you for the business world. It will empower you to manage your organisation better and increase productivity and profitability.

How will you hone your strategic management skills? Will you opt for an online course? Add to the discussion and share your views, opinions and concerns below.

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Busy mothers are also busy students!

Work; family; education – these have become three vital factors that the present day mothers are managing with the utmost power of their will and confidence. Though the present time offers various innovative facilities because of the revolutionary development of science and technology, it also hinders the scope or space for doing other activities that ultimately creates a burden.

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A logical and healthy family discussion

Women need to have a very logical and frank kind of discussion with all the members of their family including their husbands; their in-laws; other members and even their children. The mothers have to make the members understand the essentiality and importance of their online course. They must also have to seek for solutions suggested by the family even the suggestions from their children must be welcomed.

Jennifer Fraone, associate director of marketing and communications at the Boston College says that “Take a little time when you do get a good grade to go out and celebrate with your family,” She adds “That can help them feel a little more engaged in helping to support you.”

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Use spare time

How about using the spare time you have by indulging in your studies? It is truly an advantageous opportunity for the mothers. A lot a time is wasted when mothers take their children for check-up; playing or other co-curricular activities. They can use the spare time in studying the materials suggested by the online courses that they are following.

Conversation with the employer

The employer can also suggest effective ways for mothers in order to achieve the successful completion of online studying. Mothers can talk to their employer for getting flexible work hours, if possible. This will enable the mothers more time and opportunity to follow their studies. They will be able to adjust their hours for the completion of their duties. This is evident as Fraone comments “I think sometimes just having an extra hour in one direction or the other can really make a difference,”

Be what you are and do what you can

Lastly it can be said well that we are not the monarch of everything. We are human beings and, obviously, we have limitations. So it is always better to ‘do what we can’ than ‘trying to do what we cannot.’

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Combine your confidence with strategies

It is mentioned earlier, that you cannot get education by following the fast way. But you can get it if you successfully combine your strategies; form a proper way or mode of studying and then apply it with your confidence. The strategies can be strengthened more if effective ways are applied with proper determination of the mothers. Success is actually waiting at your doorstep. You only need to open the door and bring it inside.

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