Online Colleges Creating New Jobs To Meet Growing Demands

Do you think studying a business degree can help to give your career the boost it deserves? Well, I can tell you from experience that earning a degree or diploma in business management will certainly give you a professional advantage over other and enable you to achieve your career goals. Not only you will become eligible for a wide range of employment opportunities, you will also be able to advance to management and leadership roles.

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Study Online, Build Your Career

However, the fact remains that studying business has become a very costly affair these days thanks to the rising tuition fees in most universities and business schools. It is primarily for this reason that more and more aspiring learners are now opting for online business education to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge and build their careers in the most affordable way. In fact, the demand for online learning is growing so rapidly that several online institutes in the UK and the US are now expanding their offerings. Moreover, many online education platforms are also creating new jobs to cope with the growing demand of their courses.

Growing Job Opportunities

Virtual College, based in Ilkley in West Yorkshire, Northern England, is gearing up to recruit 25 qualified professionals, even though it currently has more than 100 employees. As the company reaches it’s 20th anniversary, it is ready to expand further. Virtual College, a pioneer in the online education sphere, currently has a wide array of available jobs at different levels ranging from administration, sales and technical roles.

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Rob Knox, chief executive of the firm, said “In June 2013, we celebrated one million online learners. Since then the number has increased to 1.7 million, a huge increase of 70 per cent, in just 2 years.” His enthusiasm was shared by the HR manager Fiona Robinson, who said “We work in a rapidly changing sector working on exciting, cutting edge projects for organisations from the NHS and Home Office to courses for schools and caterers. The chances are that you or someone in your family has already taken one of our online courses and if you haven’t already, you will soon.”

The Virtual College, established in 1995, offers over 300 different online courses, including business administration, and experiences over 1,000 new learners every day form private and public sector businesses. The platform was listed among Europe’s top 20 e-learning companies in last year’s European EdTech 20 rankings. Knox added “This was a strong endorsement of the company’s innovation and strategy to build more meaningful e-learning for companies and learners.”

Growing Demand For Online Degrees

Apart from this, there are many other job opportunities that online business graduates like you can avail in different sectors and industries. Most of the startups as well as established business now look for trained professionals who possess the basic business skills. This is where your online degree will help you.

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Today online business education has gained immense popularity worldwide both among individual students and organisations. As a result, many leading universities and B-schools in UK are now offering business programmes to aspiring learners to meet the rising demands. When you earn an accredited business degree from a reputed UK business school by online study, you can be rest assured about getting the highest quality education with high levels of flexibility, convenience and affordability.

Hence, you will be able to easily access the content over the internet and study right from the comfort of your home or workplace at any time you want. What’s more, you can choose to do a full time or part time job while you earn your degree. This will help you to add significant value to your CV and earn a recognised degree without emptying your bank or taking out a student loan.

Get The Best Opportunities

Moreover, as most employers are now recognising and accepting online business degrees, you will get the best employment opportunities and have a specific edge over your competitors. This will empower you to land a lucrative job or get the next big promotion. If you ask me, online business study is one of the best ways of building your career and achieving your goals.

Are you an online learner? How will you land your dream job? Share your views and experiences with us by leaving your comments below.

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Online Education Is The Ideal Answer To UK Government’s Removal Of Grants

Do you wish to earn a degree from UK? Although it can be a great idea to earn a recognised degree from a reputed UK university, with hiking tuition fees it simply does not appear feasible for most aspiring learners. Moreover, with the UK government planning to cut down grants offered to the poorest university students, it is going to be even more financially challenging for you to pursue UK university courses. Now UK ministers are rethinking the proposals to phase out grants that were initially discussed back in 2013.

Is Higher Education For Poor Students?

At present, over 500,000 students across England receive the maintenance grant, which is worth around a total of £1.57bn per year. Furthermore, learners who are from households with less than £25,000 income receive a grant of £3,387 every year. Eliminating the grant entirely will result in saving about £2 billion in 3 years; whereas limiting eligibility or altering a part of individual grants to loans would result in much lower savings.

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Nick Hillman of the Higher Education Policy Institute, former Conservative adviser,thinks that this is almost unavoidable. He said “BIS is one of the departments that no political party promised to protect, and this is one of the very big items in BIS’s budget, so I do think it’s likely to happen, yes. To be honest, although it causes big problems – it will mean bigger debts for students including poorer students – it is better than reducing the number of university places.”

However, as of now government sources have not made any comment on the proposal yet neither have the authorities denied it. In case the government plans to move ahead with the plans to get rid of university grants for UK’s most underprivileged students, then it will certainly make a horrible mistake. This will surely be contrary to the most marked message of the Conservative party that it will make sure if you work hard then you will get rewarded.

Can You Study A University Degree Anymore?

I believe that removing financial support for helping young people pursue education will have grim implications. Numerous talented students from humble families, who have worked hard to secure excellent grades, will end up with heavy student debts and end up deep in poverty, when they decide to pursue a university degree. Moreover, many other students will be discouraged from attending colleges or universities and further their education.

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The truth is millions of students across the UK simply cannot afford to pursue expensive university education. Here comes the strong need for government grants. Although, higher education institutions also award scholarships and bursaries, the truth is these are simply not enough.

Megan Dunn, vice president of the National Union of Students, believes that removing grants can be “detrimental” for needy students and would avert aspiring learners from applying for UK universities. She said “We know that our poorest students are the most likely to be deterred by debt, but it could also affect where students choose to live and which courses to take. It will mean staying at home instead of moving into halls or shared accommodation and applying for shorter courses to reduce costs.”

Dunn added “If grants are cut, it could mean the cost of student loans will go up for everyone or repayment conditions will get tougher than they already are. This is yet another unreasonable barrier to accessing higher education.”

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Earn A Degree Without Debt

So if you wish to avoid getting burdened with heavy student debt and yet earn a recognised UK degree, then I would suggest you pursue an online course. The fact is now you can find several accredited online programmes offered by leading colleges and universities in UK. I believe studying online diploma courses from UK is one of the most effective and simplest solutions to the problem at hand. Most online degree courses are highly affordable and charge only a fraction of the fees asked by traditional universities. When you pursue an online diploma from a reputed UK institute, you can be rest assured about receiving quality education and earning a recognised degree without feeling the crippling effects of high student loans.

Moreover, as you will get excellent flexibility and convenience, you can choose to study and gain work experience simultaneously and add significant value to your CV. It will help you get the best job opportunities and build a thriving career.

How are you planning to earn a UK degree? Share your views, opinions and concerns with me by leaving your comments in the box below. I would love it if you add to the discussion.

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What added advantages do you get from your top up degree in business?



A degree in business is the passport to a very promising career path today. Corporate businesses rule today’s way of market and economy. So, qualification over business management is something very near to attain success and prosperity in career.

In your business studies you master over your power of organisational behaviour. The spheres of skills you grow with enormous proficiency are interpersonal dynamics, leadership quality and power of negotiation. In addition to basic business knowledge, specialised business degrees equip you with the ability to foresee the emerging business trends and the perfect measures to be taken to make the most of them.

Things you Learn Over your Studies

You will learn how to assess the real competitive factors for your organisation and devise substantial ways to get an edge over these factors. Your gradual developments of business understanding will help you to form collaborative approach in your corporate responsibilities, and in this regard, the network formation will pay you real dividends.

But, one thing you should always keep in mind that your business degree can only make you reach to the peak of success when you will show real efficiencies in your job. And, efficiencies always come from practical applications. The main point is the sooner you involve in real industrial affairs, the better your efficiencies grow.

Take the Learning by Doing Approach

Spending number of years in studying business qualification, and doing nothing as practical work, will not help you much. So, it is always better to make your learning theoretically not very lengthy, but practically fair enough. In this respect earning a degree top up in business management will prove substantially better for your career. If you have the required HND or an international equivalent in hand then top up degree can cut your way short for a full honours degree. And, within one year you can get your degree in hand.

Doing your top up degree in business management from internationally reputed universities through online distance learning, you can provide yourself some extra advantages to gain added skills from hands-on applications. Since, online distance learning makes you free from the boring burden of fixed time schedules for attending your class, and studying. You can have the preferred time to yourself, when you can involve into a relevant job or apprenticeship programme to gain real-industry knowledge.

Easy way to Achieve Success

Your 24/7 availability of course material and tutor support in online learning mode allows you to schedule your study as per your convenience. After your job schedule you can access to your online business curriculum and continue your learning through virtual platforms. All you need are a simple computing device like laptop, tablet or smartphone and the internet connection.

Your online degree top up in business management will also give you the chance to build a potential network extended worldwide, as you will have your fellow students from different countries of the world. As a management aspirant you will have tremendous amount of advantages from your internal contacts.

Last but not the least, you will be able to complete your business management studies with a surprisingly small amount of money, compared to any on-campus one. And, if you are already in your corporate job, your business top up will bring you incredible salary hike with smooth way to rise in your corporate career.

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Tips to Jumpstart Your Job Hunt in 2014



Are you looking for a new job? Then you must follow the best job hunting tips that will help you to grab your dream job. In this present economy, getting a job has become really difficult. Thus you need to improve your job search strategies to get better employment opportunities that will suit your interests and skills. Gone are the days when you could simply upload your resume on job search engines and wait for the interview. Now you need to be active in order to make sure that the recruiters call you for the interview, instead of your competitors.

Due the constant advancement of technology, employers are following new methods for finding the right candidates for the right positions. Hence you need to plan ahead and take the proper steps to boost your job hunt. These job hunting tips will help you to find better job vacancies and improve your chances of getting hired in 2014.



Be Unique in Your Approach

Make sure that you are not a clone of any other candidate. Job hunting and interviews are a personal experience and every candidate should have a different approach that will best represent their personality and their skills. A particular interview strategy which may be effective for someone else may not prove to be right for you. Thus you need to create your own strategy based on your career objectives, preferences and personal experiences. This will help you to present yourself as a unique applicant during the interview.

Personalise Your Resume

Your resume or CV is the first thing that prospective employers see and so you must make your resume stand out from the others. Instead of having a general CV for all vacancies, you should customise your resume and the cover letter based on requirements of each job opportunity you apply for. This will help you to market yourself better for every job interview. You also need to make sure that you update your resume frequently and include any new skills that you may have acquired recently.

Be Open-Minded

It is important that you do not have any preconceived notions about any particular job designation. Success is about making the best of the opportunities provided to you. In today’s scenario jobs in administration, human resource, compliance etc have changed to a great extent and are not considered as career-limiting opportunities. Hence you need to open to any opportunity you get, as it will help you to gain experience which will be beneficial for you in the future.

Improve Your Online Presence

Nowadays, most of the employers around the world are including social media in the recruitment process. Before you even appear for the interview, your prospective employer will have an impression about you from your online presence in various social media platforms.

You need to make sure your online profiles make your appear professional and show you in good light. Review your posts in different social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, LinkedIn, Instagram and other platforms. Remove or modify any posts, comments or images which might present you poorly to the recruiters. Moreover make sure the employers are able to find you online in the first place.

Use Job Search Engines Effectively

Job search engines can be a great tool in your job hunt if you utilise them



properly. Make sure you upload a recently updated resume and your profile is 100% complete. This will let the employers get a better understanding about your personality, qualifications, experience and interests. It can significantly increase your chances of getting an interview call. Search jobs more efficiently on the websites by scanning the categories that are most relevant to your profile.

Use Social Media for Job Search

Social media can be a great resource for searching recent jobs openings. Use social media in a strategic manner that will help you identify job opportunities. Follow the pages and profiles of companies that you desire to work with and learn about their online hiring procedures. Moreover, try to increase your network and connect with the hiring managers for your preferred companies. Websites like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook can be a great tool in your job hunt as you will know about recent announcements on job openings.

Improve your Network

It is also important that you improve your networking with your seniors, peers, colleagues and friends who are working in other reputed companies. Make sure that you are the person that your friends and peers refer to the employers when there is a new job opening. They can also provide honest performance appraisal for you and uphold your professional reputation to prospective recruiters. However, this can also have negative impact on your job search as it is solely depended on your personal relation with your peers and colleagues.

Be Honest About Yourself

Do not claim to have any skills or show any achievements that are not fully true. Present yourself realistically to the employers. It can become risky for your future career if you claim to have more than what you can actually deliver.

Apart from these, you can find some other important job search tips for 2014 below-

  • Google your name frequently to make sure you are visible online.
  • Search for jobs that suit your qualifications and skills.
  • Always use your personal e-mail for sending job applications. Do not use your present work e-mail for this purpose.
  • Know which industry you want to work in. Research the companies that you find most desirable.
  • Make sure you set short term and practical goals.
  • Keep track of the applications sent and interviews attended.
  • Learn about the company before going for the interview.
  • Work on improving yourself and review your own progress.

Are Educational Grants Utilised Properly Everywhere?

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Educational grants for higher studies are being utilised in somewhat dicey ways in Britain. Almost all universities are entitled to receive £9,000 a year for each home or undergraduate students of EU. But, how this grants are spent is, however, not very clear. Some portion of this huge money is recycled in bursaries for students who belong to lower-income families. Then there are running costs, staff salaries, expenditure on books, cost for teaching rooms etc.

Are Grants Spent on Worthy Things?

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That is the way it is at least shown. Many universities proclaim justification for their higher course fees, showing that they have converted dusty storerooms into trendy cafes and classy computer clusters. They spend a lot on painting their compounds and rooms. And, as the cleanliness measure, they scraped off all the chewing gums that stuck underside of the library desks. These are where many universities plan their budget on.

Underneath the noble purpose of higher educational institutions, what is actually taking place is something very cynical. This sort of expense might not be what was targeted to do betterment on. Noticeably, this sort of affairs is occurring by stealth and in spooky manner. This might be quite surprising, but this is actually happening.

AHRC Reforms its Funding

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There is another huge grant, until now that has been enjoyed by students of MA. Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) have now taken a rigid decision in its university funding. Until now every students who have been pursuing their master’s degree in Arts and Humanities have been entitled to receive a fund provided by the council. But, later on many of these MA students were observed to break away from their academic stream in pursuit of other jobs.

Student Attitude            

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One cannot, however, blame these students totally for diverting into another stream of jobs. A student who aims at building an academic career, say as a lecturer, at least requires ten long years to make that from the time of his undergraduate level study. Now, everybody does not have the vanity to study for such a prolonged time, especially, seeing the tight situation of job market everywhere, so, many of them felt alluring to get into jobs first.

However, AHRC also took a discreet decision by withdrawing such funds for MA students. They found it irrelevant to spend money on the ones who are not yet sure of their future career. Now, they are only providing funds for the doctoral level students in Arts and Humanities, who are more likely to pursue a career in academic in future.

Government must take direct initiative into administering the spending of the grants it issues. To ensure the quality of education and aid it provides for the weak but talented students, government must have to ensure that the funds are spent on right things.

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Finding An Ideal Subject for IT Career Aspirants



Amongst the multitude of Computing courses, the BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Management) has been designed to help individuals achieve a full undergraduate honours degree in Computing in a way that suits them. The course gives access to a variety of resources and tools in Computing, including:

–          Up to date theories

–          New information management techniques

–          Practical skills corresponding to the rapidly changing environment

Studying BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Management)

The course is delivered by online learning, meaning that students can fit their computing studies around their life, and not the other way around. They could choose to study when travelling, in their lunch breaks at work, or while waiting to pick up their children from school, maximising their study time.

Studying online is also sociable. Students are provided with expert academic support through webinars, one-to-one tutorials and assessment feedback, designed to bring the learning materials to life. Discussions are also set in place to spark up meaningful conversations with the other students, and help put learning into practice.

BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Management) Course content

The primary objective of the online BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Management) course is to enable companies to operate efficiently by optimising the flow of information with the help of computer technology.

The course spans across three levels and some of the key modules include not only computer and technology based themes, but also employability, professional development and study skills.

The BSc (Hons) Computing (Information Management) can prove to be a lucrative career option for all those who wish to prosper in the IT sector. Pursuing this course online can help students to gather extensive knowledge and skills in the IT field within their means.

Meet-Ups Saving Dropout Rates Of MOOCs

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The popularity of MOOCs is definitely growing in leaps and bounds as they are proving to be beneficial for thousands of students around the world who can’t afford traditional education. MOOCs are free and students don’t need to spend money on books as most of the course material is owned by the professors who teach the courses. The students who enrol in MOOCs are taught by some of the finest professors in the world. These courses enable people to continue their studies throughout life.

However, it has been noticed that many students, who have enrolled for these courses, are dropping out without completing them. The main problems that have been identified are

  • Loss of interest
  • Isolation or loneliness 
  • Lack of effectiveness

Recently, the dropout rates, of students who study in MOOCs, have drastically decreased as many professors, students and the hosting sites of MOOCs have come together to create a platform that will help out students losing interest. Meet-ups are being arranged by students and professors to create a community or discussion group, so that students feel more at ease studying. This is one of the best solutions to a problem like ‘dropping out’.

What exactly is a Meet-up?

A Meet-up is a community or discussion group, formed by students of MOOCs, for the likeminded to discuss various study related problems and clear doubts. A Meet-up, also helps individuals share ideas and thoughts, and gives them a feeling of studying in a traditional college.

Helps connect entrepreneurs and tech workers

Many of the people taking up MOOC courses are technology lovers who work in IT or for start ups and later want to work in these sectors. MOOC meet-ups help form a brilliant network.

Meet-ups do away with the feeling of loneliness or isolation

One of the main things that is criticised about online study, is the feeling of loneliness or isolation the students suffer from. However, Meet-ups are the perfect solution to such problems. As the student feels lonely while studying online, they feel ‘left-out’ and ‘neglected’ and eventually dropout. But with Meet-ups, they can physically get together with other students who have taken the same course, to talk about the problems they have encountered or just to share ideas on how they can do better in their courses.

Huge numbers all over the world are being benefitted by Meet-ups. Here a few figures:

  • Coursera

From across 2,651 cities around the world, 30,825 students of Coursera have formed groups and communities that will make studying more interesting and a better experience.

  • Udacity

From across 573 cities around the world, 4,508 students of Udacity, come together to hang out, study, exchange ideas, discuss course related problems. They also help each other clear doubts. 

Few other benefits of Meet-ups:

  • Meet-ups are also a great way of monitoring the courses of MOOCs and the exams
  • Learners can also team up and work on physical projects
  • These Meet-up groups bring together interested learners who have a sense of self direction
  • These Meet-ups can form an environment inductive to specialised and personalised learning

Basically, Meet-ups will lend a personal and ‘human’ touch to the otherwise, virtual learning course, and is probably one of the best ways to prevent students from dropping out.